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Charles Hecker

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Charles Hecker brings you a manual that will enlighten you about democracy, freedom, and more. This book is available for shipping worldwide.


The Real King Charles is writing his bio with the utmost respect for the Creator and the true rules of law.

“Before I was fully created and discharged from my mother's womb, there was an assassination attempt on my life. In biblical stories, they always try to assassinate the baby after the baby is born. The evil forces tried to assassinate me before I was discharged from my mother womb.

I always felt different. I am a songwriter, an executive producer, and an inventor. I was also a professional boxer and a telephone installer. I took up plumbing for 3 years in high school, and I love constitutional law.

I am now the author of the most powerful Manual on the Planet, ‘THE ONLY WAY OUT’.”

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When this $20-dollar manual is delivered, it is synonymous with “point of no return.”

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